Reach Equity and Happiness

Poverty has a powerful solution: Inclusive and accessible Business


We want to be a reference for many social innovators so they can know who already makes the difference to form a network of Effective Changemakers

Anyone can contribute:
- Global Citizens: became entrepreneur to solve problems and help them to succeed giving real and pressing problems to solve{GWtS}
or paying who solve it better & sustainably {ExO}
Help each other giving knowledges-as-a-Tool to empower who is less capable to build his own sustainable lifestyle {GuruW}
- Businesses move resources and can have both positive and negative impact. They should only and always search for inclusive, environmental-aware and mission-based activities as customers will reward them with trust and buying. {GWY}
Or simply attach a social outcome with every purchase to start make impact in their local area (having a Purpose attract more and give a competitive boost)
This is possible with open innovation and revision of processes.{GWtS Pro}

Our way to impact

Direct help GW with GWtS GuruW and GWY servics

We put great effort in what we do


The World needs someone who deeply care about its biggest problems. Changemakers like you, NGOs, Social Enterprises and us have a genuine desire to serve others so that with Cooperation we can make a Great World


Without a structured strategy of growth, many efforts are waste. Your voice and actions need to be raised, so you have to make relevant your message for who would listen it. A competitive advantage for biz, orgs and active clients!


Many young motivated changemakers don't know where painful problems are. So we created Great Ways to Solve, a platform where anyone posts in the proper category their difficulties, so experts can help!


Let anyone know how much impact you can have in solving their problems! Grow With You is our Emotional Branding service so you can make visible to customers how their life can be improved with your help!


Everyone has enormous potential to express, but it needs to be raised! Guru World can become with your help the response to it, as Education is the root of a Sustainable Society!


Changemakers need to be focused on making a concrete impact, so they can't waste time with content that doesn't matter. We try to make visible what is most relevant through our Twitter feed. For strategies, Springwise can be useful


Fortunately, there is and endless list of people, orgs and institutions who works to improve the world. But everyone surely trusts;

Our mission summarised

GWnet would be a growth ecosystem like this:
from motivate everyone to be committed for Great World feeling as Citizens empowered from a great power, PotL, they can always tap into;
to give the knowledge and support they need to solve large shared afflicting crowd-sourced collected problems and forming squads of motivated and skilled people who want to join collectively on the solution as they are capable to (e.g. proposing other tips analysing the major idea; prototyping; testing only for feedbacks; finance; ..other contribution..)
When it is complete, the solution (product/service) in this way will have already supporters. To scale more, if it's not already self-selling for its disruption, it will be helped by the Emotional Branding service (social media, video storytelling, emotional psy triggering copywriting, appealing marketing multimedia packaging [website/app with catchy UI, endearing graphics], VR implementation if needed).

What you can do

Support non-profits and effective orgs of our List of impactful changemakers, explore existing solutions for Global Development, help with NextBillion commitment at Graduation + demand-driven training that is aligned with local labor market demands to empower vulnerable people or support the top orgs: BRAC and SHOFCO
Or consulting our pages of, or
all my following on Twitter
or Global Wealth program to achieve GG3 with GG10 through Crowdsourcing, to help citizens nave the best doctors prescription everywhere thanks the internet
Or contact other SingularityU Global smart guys: Barnaby Ferrero of, Vincenzo Rizzuto of Skyuppie Uni Lab and Lambanda, Alessandro Latif, Ale Pagliero. See also the responses of other changemakers and an in-depth list of actions for SDGs affected

Project outlines:

In 40 words: Empowered from trust in other people goodwill and commitment, we give the education and support citizens need to solve crowdsourced (well categorised) collected problems and constitute skilled, multidisciplinary or multicultural squads to cooperate for the creation of solutions, as everyone can

In 100 words: Everyone can be deeply committed to compose a collective distributed mass brainstorming to solve crowdsourced collected difficulties in different sectors with sustainable enterprise (following 17 UN SDGs). Together we can tutor or train vulnerable people or who wants to be empowered, to become skilled members and join squads to solve problems. This follow Ashoka™'s "everyone changemaker" belief, creating a social enterprise that facilitate the creation of innovative start-ups and the transition from idea to concrete execution, ensuring it's feasibility!

Choose your way


We're trying to creat the greatest network of changemakers social entrepreneurs, as we all share the vision of a Great Wolrd, equal and full of happy people :) If you want to help us or learn more about we help with Emotional Branding (GWY), Free Quality Education (GuruW) here we are!
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