Everyone daily has to front difficulties, which don’t have a precise and ready (sustainable) solution. It would be great to search for somebody else that faced something like that to see how they (cleverly) solved. Or you can try to build a solution yourself, maybe with the right team! If many people struggle with a similar issue, you can create a start-up! There’s a high probability this venture will succeed (as you’re addressing a validated pain point)!

Why not using crowdsourcing to collect most pressing problems around your community (or even globally) and start to solve them? United in squads where anyone use his skills, great works are brainstormed and crafted! πŸ˜€

But, everyone should have the possibility to start a business from scratch and with zero knowledge or network, wherever! So if they need a particular question, professionists on that subject in their community or experts around the world in that field can, increasing their authority (or establishing contracts), give tips to them! And what if this is extended even to extremely poor people? They can be empowered with concrete tools to lift out of poverty! How? Read below πŸ˜‰ Start your GuruWorld contribution

I’m collecting solutions about sustainable and cheap innovations that can help extremely poor people to survive better, so they can concretely be empowerd to successfully study & work, to exit poverty. This could be done with better shelters, vegetable cultivation in hydroponics, offgrid boxes with photovoltaic panels that also distil water and affordable medkit for prevention and cure. Also human direct chat interaction is important and offered!
But all those solutions needs to be partially imported and partially made there to self-sustain regarding exigencies!
So I’m working on a way to empower people thanks to access to free quality education and work opportunity, trying to making this a circular and business solution rather than only a nonprofit. I’m observing models and ways other people solve other problems, to find a path I can adapt and insert in mine and to form cooperation with them.
Any suggestion is well accepted, thanks πŸ™‚ We’re in an ideation phase.

Add your solution

How you can benefit as:

-Solve a problem (affecting difficulties, lazy tasks to automate, processes not optimized or unsustainable, quotidian challenges) through products/services that other people create after a crowdsourced brainstorming between skilled people

-Choose to buy only from Brands who show deep commitment into sustainable practices (adopt circular economy[avoid plastic or recycle it, work on waste], have a low ecological footprint [use renewables energies in the entire chain]) or support causes

-Invest on effective partners that we found have great opportunities to make a difference
-Help refugees strategically or through lifelong empowerment journey (GWtS+GuruWorld)
-Volunteer online, donate or go abroad to directly help people

-You’re more sure to launch successfully your startup and not fail, as you’ve:
+a validated problem,
+engaged potential customers (that could fund you!),
+a skilled and motivated team

-Your squad can compete on open challenges

-If you have a startup [Idea] on GWtS, you can use the URL link of your post in your surveys, so users can have an always-on reference and see the development πŸ˜‰

-You have an alternative to demonstrate your authority (instead of regularly have to feel stressed by posting always new content on many blogs)
-so you can also automatically acquire many more engaged leads

Strategy and Why

I would be glad to receive suggestions from you about the entire project, thank you πŸ˜€

Relevant improvements on education and job creation can be possible if rural people have an Internet access. This is the only barrier!
Then for the first time aids in new countries, hydroponics structures, PV panels, water and food must be guaranteed.

For the short time I need to think of Rules to protect Intellectual property of who posts disruptive ideas, as implementation is extremely facilitated.

The final stage would be if I came over the limits and challenges of this model:
1) There’s not a way to control eventual injustices or occulted exploitations; poor people won’t have easily the Time (and Internet access) to learn; off-grid boxes can offer a scarce shelter for only one or two people, a synergy with 3D printed homes and mobile solar collectors would be needed; health is difficultly guaranteed and no welfare budget will be present in newly formed startups.
2) It might cause competitive market inequalities (due to high level of skilled people that can do many jobs) and destroy paid courses.
3) Difficult realization as it would involve a large skillset and a great number of users that contribute with great values (they need to be able to teach, analyse problems around them, join a team, think creatively to solutions and make it a business)