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People can help the World in 3 ways:
– sharing their problems so someone can solve them making a start-up (or be involved in first person in other people problems and make teams with who finds a solution or replicate great models)
– giving their time to help poors/jobless/ people without degree or formal education during their training on online courses classrooms and give them tips for their work as employees or entrepreneurs

– join a partner and help in those groups

List of possible partners:
Viridis, menoshub,roomtoread.org, academicroom.com, alueducation, occupiamoci, jwl.org, improovo, co-impact, brck give tablet, Wi-Fi and Router, startrefugees, audaciousproject.org, nairobits, 1%fortheplanet.org, bomaproject.org, justknock.it, brainly.com (online P2P training) Springwise & bigthinkedge, academicearth,cmimovement schooltheworld.org, Knowledge Officer usa A.I. to catalogue contents, impactscool.com, Quora, LinkedIn edu, “sign up as a mentee or mentor and learn more about the general goals of the program”, CodeForAmerica opensource x gov, vita.it/universita-per-rifugiati, futures.coop,querium, Code For All with the Aga Khan Foundation, healthleadsusa solutions/implement/collaborative-health-integration/, accessible everywhere, open.coop, campaigns and scalability of kakumaventures, eliademy, kano, youaid.it, openclassrooms, open.hpi.de, iversity.org, slidewiki.org, sparkmicrogrants.org, crowdville, theplatform.org.uk,

-connect lower-income children with sponsors that can support them to cover the basic personal needs, such as healthcare or food, and keep these children in school. Fezeka Stuurman @ cultivergroup.co.za

-Sanjit “Bunker” Roy founder of Barefoot College, an organization which specializes in teaching illiterate women from poor villages how to become doctors, engineers, and architects.

-EduApp4Syria, SIMA, Feed the Monster, Antura wa al Huruf (Antura and the Letters), Palestrian Voices Beyond Walls programme  [by Unesco] x Child

-Creating Opportunity for South Africa’s Youth (COSY) is a catalyst, not a crutch project aim is to “empower young people

outreach-international.org/5-ways-to-fight-poverty: Microfounds, access to healty water and food, healthcare, education;
solvepoverty sponsors pay for clicks; create a portal with top e-learnings and jobs with careerjet !!!
gjc.it/ give prizes and sponsors best NGO

The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship to provide the world’s most promising socent with global exposure, and to facilitate wider adoption and scaling-up of their innovations. Launched: kickstart.org (irrigation pumps for 0 loses!), endeavor.org+ empowering-exceptional-youth with various Hubs + IPA, GiveDirectly, One Acre Fund, Worldreader, Trickle Up, BOMA Project, ImpactMatters, WASH, Duolingo, 3D-printed newstorycharity.org homes for roughly $3,500!, M-kopa (providing solar energy in Kenya through innovative financing) and Revolution Foods (bringing healthy food to K-12 schools

Juma Refugees Services, the “Google maps” of services,

unlimited, bwbllp (Bates Wells Braithwaite)

Acumen companies/Courses, BRAC, Grameen Bank e Kiva x microfinance, Child Helpline e Aflatoun Ashoka to overcome gaps between being in difficulty and working, empowers them, ↑self confidence, Grameenphone, heifer.org, MediciSenzaFrontiere, Danara.ma, rootcapital.org,  EngineersWithoutBorders, startup.stanford.edu + deeplearning.ai, FutureOfHumanity, WReaders, cgm.coop, globalopportunityexplorer.org,impact-transfer.org, coopi.org, explorer.Sustainia.org, alberodellavita.org

-Massive Open Online Courses platforms: Moodle Uni,
Khan Academy; Udemy; Udacity; Coursera; FutureLearn; edX;  Stanford Online; OpenLearning; OpenClassrooms; Open2Study; Kadenze; POLHN;
ALISON; Peer-to-peer University; Lynda.com; Shaw Academy; Skillshare; learning.xprize, MomConnect, twcctw, emlovefoundation, roadtorights,

salvamamma.it: EVERYONE shares his own PROFESSIONALITY or KNOWLEDGE => DONATE   givingwhatwecan.org/giving-and-happiness/ donating makes happy

-Singoli: Geoff Mulgan @ NESTA, Nick Kristof, Robin Jun Lu of First Respond, Lauren Shuttleworth of Words With Heart,  Charles Blaschke of Taka Solutions, Richard Sedlmayer, Nathanael Goldberg, Jeremy Shapiro, Elijah Goldberg ,   Brett Hagler
charitywater.org/ challenge to fund
Kjerstin Erickson Start-up:theventure.com/top-ten-most-influential-social-entrepreneurs-on-twitter

YOUTH FILES; Proud of you pilot @ “Next Level”;   Empowering Women Smallholder Farmers.
– hub of congregation of best professionalised teachings of elementary÷high school and underdegree, collecting them from the top platforms→oedb.org

globaldaily.com/plan-to-end-all-poverty/wecaresolar a suitcase with solar panels to provide electricity to health centers + ohsu.edu/ods-health-plan

borgenmagazine.com/10-solutions-poverty multisettore


aynicooperazione promotes informed volunteering