GWtS (SalveJob) accomplish all the steps that this Nesta Impact Partnerships article requires for a great Social Enterprise to work.

Creating and brokering effective impact partnerships typically involves four key stages:

1. Discovery and design: GWtS automate researching the problem to be tackled, defining the key challenges and mapping the current system. “Where do existing solutions fall short?” will be answered by people based on their Geographic area. The crowd can fund or give resources that might be needed! Everyone has a shared understanding of ‘what works’!

2. Engage and establish is already in place! Only needs to be orchestrated because it’s not known the background of each member

3. Deliver and implement Entities that partner with GW (Incubators, Corporations, Governments, Civil society) offer their services to help the new StartUps. If they’re not available, startuppers would adopt a “DIY Bootstrap” growth following the tutorials on GuruWorld and use it to ask for help (or professional tuition)

4. Amplify and learn Share with the voters their achievements (changing “status” of their main post)

GW is action-focused rather than research-focused because moves innovation; has clear measures of success, both quantitative and qualitative thanks to upvotes and comments; includes activities that are innovative or experimental for one or more parties