Design together, create better! - motto of Great Ways to Solve

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Problems and suggestions to improve lifestyle, solving together the most common difficulties without a precise existing solution 🙂

To read the whole strategy and business model see the SolveMIT page.

It’s the Great Ways to Solve section dedicated to Global Citizens and Future Entrepreneurs, where you can post challenges or solutions.
Actually, the platform is powered by Nolt. If you have a startup [Idea], you can use the URL link of your post in your surveys, so your users can have an always-on reference and see its development!

Launch from here

The greater aim of this project is to help even vulnerable and poor people to access infos and crowdsourced support to launch their business (as free guidelines, resources and mentoring are offered with GuruWorld).

Examples of how famous StartUps could have used GWtS:

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How to use GWtS

  1. Search posts of the category you prefer by pressing “Trending” button at bottom of the page. With “+ Filter”, select the Status, Category or GeoTag you prefer (or you want to explore).
  2. Create a post (click on the botton at top right “Add a problem or idea”)
  3. Choose a explicative title (starting with [Prob] if it’s a problem, with [Idea] if it’s a solution you’ve thought and want to validate/search for niche approval) and a compelling description
  4. Insert into a Category (here you find the list that can guide you)
  5. Add a GeoTag
  6. Insert comments (with attachments)

If you want to embed the thread in an other bigger discussion, use the command Merge from the … “More options” menu at top, than choose the other post to link typing its name, like in the figure below:

A simple Merging post example

For any question, reach out to us by email.