The squad that supports the entire project is at global scale: members are from Europe (Italy, Switzerland), Asia (China and Bangladesh) and America (California).

It’s composed of young aspiring entrepreneurs who works or have experienced in tech startups (as UX/web design, Digital Multimedia, Software and Hardware developers), Social Enterprises (on social empowerment or free education, mainly for youth) with love for green economy, sustainability at the core of their (international) lifestyles and charity for the most vulnerable global citizens.

We desire to extremely facilitate the creation of new startups around the planet to solve the most pressing exigencies on personal nearby or more extended scale, thanks to pure cooperation between citizens!

Governments and businesses could take the requests and data to improve lives of many with tailoted, focused and effective improvement actions!

Our team want to expand its Advocacy activities from personal network to international citizenship with the commitment of anyone, as this creates win-win value.

Giovanni Turri
Founder and Team Leader
Jasmine Cheng
Co-founder of EWB
GuruWorld supporter
Anaïs Matthey-Junod
Global Changemakers of 2019 Cohort
Brainstorming and Renewables expert

Alessandro Shevera – Winner of many Hackathons – The self-made startupper

Other main supporters

Scotty Pittsford
CEO of ThinQbator
Social Entrepreneur
Marco Rogai
Founder of Piazzale Circolare
MSc in Circular Economy

Ricardo Dhrubo – Solve MIT participant – Startup Strategist